Pineapple Powder

Laybio Natural is a wholesale bulk supplier of Pineapple Powder.

Product Description

Pineapple is a kind of nourishing fruit, containing sugars, protein, fats, vitamin A, B1, B2, and C, proteolytic enzyme, calcium, phosphorus, iron, organic acid, nicotinic acid, and so on. Among them, the content of vitamin C is the highest one. Pineapple contains one kind of special substance, called “pineapple enzyme protein” which could decompose protein, dissolve fibrous protein and blood clot blocking in human tissue, improve partial blood circulation, and eliminate inflammation and edema.

Product Name Pineapple Powder
ORIGIN OF PLANT Ananas comosus (Linn.) Merr.
Part Used Fruit
Specification Spray drying
Appearance Light Yellow powder
Product Functions
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • Help digestion;
  • Protecting the nervous system.improving the immunity;
  • It can promote the absorption of nutrients.
  • It has beautify skin slimming efficacy;
  • 20g-50g sample for free
  • Convenient DHL, FEDEX, TNT and EMS service