Laybio Natural supplies organic herbal extracts from all natural plants

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Laybio Natural operates the largest farm network in Shaanxi China, allowing us to provide consistent quality at competitive price.

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Laybio supplies herbal extracts over the world

Laybio Supplies Herbal Extracts All Over The World

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Founded in 2010 and based in Xi'an China, Laybio Natural is a premium herbal extracts manufacturer that specializes in organic and conventional herbal extracts, mushroom extracts, plant proteins, vegetable powder and fruit juice powder. Our best-selling products are ganoderma lucidum extractlion’s mane extractamygdalinphosphatidylserinecranberry extracthemp protein and pea protein.

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    Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

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    Health benefits of kiwifruit

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