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Laybio, founded in 2010, is a premium organic herbal extracts company that specializes in the manufacturing process and R&D. Our best-selling organic products are ganoderma lucidum extract, amygdalin, phosphatidylserine, cranberry extract, hemp protein and pea protein.

At Laybio, we have a legacy of making great products which meet and exceed customers’ expectations - that’s why our products, serving a variety of fields including pharmaceuticals, food supplements, healthcare, food and beverage, and cosmetics, are trusted by the top tier companies around world.

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      We believe in advances in science and technology, and that is why, over the last 15 years, we have built a strong research team and partnered with top tier universities to develop and optimize methods to produce quality products.

      We understand that even in the era of technology some botanicals can be harvested only from place of origin. Wild collections from untraversed mountainous areas account for about 40% procurement at Laybio. We are committed to the supply chain sustainability and safety at work, our wild collection methods are both environment-friendly and safe.

      We provide certificated products to help customer learn how the products are sourced and processed. Certifications we passed and standards we follow include:

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