Licorice Extract

Laybio Natural is a wholesale bulk supplier of Licorice Extract.

  1. Licorice protein (≥55%) and small molecular crude polysaccharide (30%) can promote animal growth and improve the yield and quality of meat, eggs, milk and other products.
  2. Glycyrrhizic acid (0.5~1.0%) can protect animal liver, enhance liver function, promote animal growth, improve animal feed conversion rate; enhance animal anti-stress ability, and enhance animal adaptability such as transportation, changing fences, mating, production children, fights, temperature changes; reduce animal damage from feed and environmental toxins;
  3. Glycyrrhiza flavonoids (0.2~0.5%), has the functions of relieving itching, intestinal sterilization, peptic ulcer, strengthening animals, and improving animal disease resistance.
  4. At the same time, licorice protein can improve the animal palatability of feed.
Product Name Licorice Extract
Botanical Source Licorice
Appearance Yellow Powder
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