Betaine 96%~98%

Laybio Natural is a wholesale bulk supplier of Licorice Extract.

  1. Participate in fat metabolism and promote protein synthesis.

  2. It has food-attracting activity. It can arouse the sense of smell and taste of animals, promote animal feeding, improve the palatability and utilization rate of bait, increase feed intake and daily weight gain, and is the main attractant component of feed. It is very attractive to the smell of fish.

  3. It has a synergistic effect with anti-coccidial to improve the curative effect. The combination of anticoccidial and betaine hydrochloride can buffer the change of ion balance, thereby improving the nutrient absorption rate and promoting the growth of poultry.

  4. Protect vitamins. Betaine hydrochloride does not destroy the vitamins in the feed, and is stable to VA and VB in premix and concentrate.

Product Name Betaine
Botanical Source Please Contact Sales Rep
Appearance White Powder
Specification 96%~98%
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