Kiwi Fruit Powder

Laybio Natural is a wholesale bulk supplier of Kiwi Fruit Powder.

Product Description:

Kiwi fruit is a very good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K as well as containing Dietary Fiber, Vitamin E, Potassium and Copper. The Vitamin C content of Kiwifruit has been shown to be even higher than some citrus fruits and may promote cardiovascular health, as well as be beneficial to the respiratory system in some individuals.

PRODUCT NAME Kiwi fruit powder
LATIN NAME Actinidia melanandra Franch
APPEARANCE Light Green Powder
Product Functions
  • Kiwifruit powder contains rich vitamin and minerals, amino acids, it has high nutritional value.
  • Kiwifruit powder can prevent senile plaque formation and delay the human senescence.
  • Kiwifruit powder can prevent senile osteoporosis and inhibit the deposition of cholesterol in the artery wall, which control the arteriosclerosis.
  • Tartish in kiwi powder can promote gastrointestinal wriggle and reduce flatulence and has the function of improving sleeping.
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