Cinnamon extracts (Cinnamaldehyde)

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Cinnamaldehyde can improve the palatability of feed, enhance the appetite of feeding animals, improve the digestive utilization of feed, promote and improve the growth performance of animals and the quality of animal products; at the same time, the addition of cinnamaldehyde in feed can effectively prevent the deterioration and corruption of feed and extend the shelf life; and has the advantages of no residue, non-toxic side effects, which is also in line with the requirements of green animal husbandry and food safety. With the healthy and rapid development of animal husbandry, the application prospect of cinnamaldehyde in feed industry is very broad.

Product Name Cinnamon extracts
Botanical Source Cinnamomum verum
Appearance Brown Powder
Specification 20% Cinnamaldehyde
Part Used Bark
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