Reishi Mushrooms Capsule

Laybio Natural is a wholesale bulk supplier of Reishi Mushrooms Tablets Private Label products.

Product Description:

Support overall health and well-being with Reishi Mushroom Extract. For over 2,000 years, traditional Chinese herbalists have esteemed reishi as one of nature's premier tonic mushrooms for promoting health and wellness. We now know that reishi mushroom contains several beneficial constituents, including polysaccharides, sterols, triterpenoids, and coumarin. Our Reishi Mushroom Extract is standardized to a 20% polysaccharide concentration for guaranteed potency in each capsule.

    PRODUCT NAME Reishi Mushroom Capsule
    Serving Size
    1 Capsule
    Amount Per Serving
    500 mg / 270 mg

    • Immune Health
    • 500 mg or 270 mg Per Capsule
    • Herbal Supplement
    • Standardized to 20% Polysaccharides
    • Promotes Health and Wellness
    • Traditional Favorite for Immune and Cardiovascular Support