Jujube Powder

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Product Description:
Jujube rich in protein, fat, sugar and carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P and calcium, phosphorus, iron and ring phosphoric acid adenosine nutrition ingredient and so on. By crushing, concentrating and spray drying etc, we make Jujube into Prue powder. 100% natural, free of any preservative, it contains most Red Date fiber, water-dispersible, can be used in food, drink, pharmaceutical fields etc
PRODUCT NAME Jujube powder
ORIGIN OF PLANT Fructus Jujube
Part Used Fruit
Sepcification Spray drying
Appearance Brown Yellow Powder
  • Jujube Powder has been used since ancient times as a nutrient tonic, a blood cleanser, and as an important adjunctive herb to other tonics, especially in combination with Ginseng.
  • Jujube Powder is universally believed in the Asia to build strength and extend life. Jujube is slightly sedative and laxative and removes obstructions of the energy flow.
  • In combination with Ginseng, Jujube nourishes the spirit, acting to soothe irritability and mild emotional instability.
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