Horse Chestnut Extract

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Product Description

Horse chestnut is a large, round-shaped tree growing about 25-30 meters in hight. Horse chestnut contains a lot of aescin or escin. Horse chestnut extract aescin powder with anti-inflammatory, anti edema, reduce vascular permeability and prevent moisture deposited within organizations. Horse chestnut knows as the important natural medicine in the international. After thousands of clinical observation in a long time, it shows that aescin with a high treatment value of trauma and peripheral vascular diseases.

Product Name Horse Chestnut Extract
Botanical Source Aesculus Hippocastanum L.
Part Used Seed
Specification 20%/40%/60%/ 98% aescin
Test Method HPLC
Appearance Brown Yellow Fine Powder
  • Anti-inflammation,Anti-bacteria, Anti-cancer, Ease pain, Anti-arrhythmic, Anti-histaminic, Anti- cruor. Esculin is a glycoside composed of glucose and a dihydroxycoumarin compound
  • Esculin is a product of a coumarin derivative extracted from the bark of flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus)
  • Esculin is used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with venotonic, capillary- strengthening and antiphlogistic action similar to that of Vitamin P
  • Esculin is a fluorescent dye that can be extracted from the leaves and bark of the horse chestnut tree. You'll need to shine a black (ultraviolet) light on the indicator to get the full effect
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