Qualities to Look for When Shopping for Supplements

Qualities to Look for When Shopping for Supplements

With so many vitamins stocked in the health section, it can be overwhelming to determine what actually works (and doesn’t taste horrible). While there are tried-and-true supplements like Vitamin C, fish oil, and your standard multivitamin to knock everything out in one shot, they don’t always cover all the bases. With that head-scratching feeling in mind, we asked nutritionist Dr. Wu at Laybio for some guidance in the supplement shopping department for gummies and capsules.

Keep scrolling for the 3 traits Laybio thinks that you should focuses on when shopping

  1. Nutrients

You need always understand why you need nutrients – You need them for some reasons. Typically speaking vitamins C, D, and E, which are some of the key nutrients that welcome immune support.

  1. Serving size

Contrary to how you probably feel about eating an entire pint of ice cream (who isn’t tempted to dig into the whole container from time to time?), no one wants to have to consume half a bottle of supplements every time they’re looking for a boost. That’s why @Laybio we make capsules and gummies at reasonable size and can be tailored by customers’ requests.

  1. Unwelcome ingredients

Ingredients like dyes, sugar, fillers, and additives are not necessary and sometime harmful.

Laybio is a wholesale bulk supplier of premier quality capsules and gummies made from Maitake, Silymarin, Sambucus (elderberry), Reishi, NMN, Grape Seed, Curcumin, Cranberry and Cordyceps Sinensis. Some products are available for private labelling.

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