Laybio has organic plant foundation at Qinling

Destination Wild: Plant Collection at Qinling Range

Significant portion of Laybio products are from wild collections. Qinling range, home to deciduous broadleaf forests, is one of our major collection regions.

Qinling Mountain where laybio collect wild plants
Qinling is home to countless flora, of which around 3,000 have so far been documented, some of which, for instance, Qinling Reishi and Lion’s Mane are considered better quality than those from other places of production.

Snow Reishi from Qinling Range
The plants and fungus we collected from wild will be under incoming quality inspection to make sure that those products can meet strict quality standard of Laybio before any further steps. Product processing of wild collections are very much same as other products which procedures are carefully designed to ensure that products which are originally from nature can be powered by science.

While we need to face harsh environment during wild collections, rewards from our trips are great. We are, of course, talking about wild encounters of giant panda.

wild encounter with giant panda during wild collection

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