Incredible Oyster Mushroom Benefits

Incredible Oyster Mushroom Benefits

Oyster mushroom are found tropical and temperate climates throughout the world. Oyster mushrooms are popular for cooking, torn up instead of sliced, especially in stir fry or sauté, because they are consistently thin, and so will cook more evenly than uncut mushrooms of other types. They are often used in vegetarian cuisine.

There are around 40 types of oyster mushrooms, including Pleurotus ostreatus, commonly known as the American oyster mushroom. All types are edible and are commonly enjoyed in dishes like pasta and stir-fries. They’re known for their impressive health-promoting properties and contain a variety of powerful plant compounds. In fact, they’ve been used in traditional medicine approaches for centuries.

Most of the incredible oyster mushroom health benefits come from its awesome nutritional profile. Oyster mushrooms are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. They’re also low in carbohydrates, so they’re a good choice for people following low carb dietary patterns. Beyond the basics, oyster mushrooms also have decent nutritional value thanks to their wide range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

The beta-glucans in oyster mushrooms make them one of the best foods on the planet for protecting your immune system against short- and long-term illnesses. Unlike some foods that either stimulate or repress the immune system, mushrooms balance it. Plus, oyster mushrooms are loaded with other antioxidants to help prevent free radical damage and oxidative stress so your immune system can defend itself against aging.

Since mushrooms like oysters have a savory flavor and no cholesterol, they’re a great substitute for meat in many sautéed dishes.One study also found that consuming oyster mushrooms reduced triglycerides and cholesterol levels in diabetic patients (as well as high blood sugar levels).

There’s also evidence that oyster mushrooms may help fight insulin resistance. Insulin is the stuff which keeps the glucose levels in your blood in a healthy range, so your body developing a resistance to it’s no bueno. Eating more oyster mushrooms may help to stave off diabetes, though boffins are still testing out the theory.

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