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Do You Know Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Organic Ginkgo Biloba Extract becomes very popular, we can supply the EU&USDA certified oragnic Ginkgo biloba extract.

Ginkgo has long been cultivated in China, and some planted trees at temples are believed to be over 1,500 years old. Ginkgos adapt well to the urban environment, tolerating pollution and confined soil spaces. They rarely suffer disease problems, even in urban conditions, and are attacked by few insects. For this reason, and for their general beauty, ginkgos are excellent urban and shade trees, and are widely planted along many streets.

  1. Applied in health product field, ginkgo biloba extract can effectively reduce breast pain and emotional instability.
  2. Functional foods areas, ginkgo biloba extract has effect on protecting vascular endothelial tissue, regulating blood lipids.
  3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, ginkgo biloba extract can be used for treating stomach-ache, diarrhea, high blood pressure, nervous and respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis.

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